US and Canada Impose TikTok Ban on Federal Devices

Following the European Commission’s lead, the US and Canada have imposed a TikTok Ban on Federal Devices, owned by ByteDance. This decision, driven by national security concerns, mandates government employees to uninstall TikTok within 30 days.

Deadline for TikTok Removal

The Office of Management and Budget, under director Shalanda Young, announced this deadline on February 27. The memo, titled “No TikTok on Government Devices,” directs US agencies to uninstall TikTok and restrict internet traffic to the app.

Collaboration for Implementation

Young’s office will partner with various federal agencies to draft guidelines for removing TikTok from federal IT systems, reinforcing the security concerns surrounding the app.

Impact of the Ban

This move amplifies President Joe Biden’s earlier decision to restrict TikTok on federal devices. The ban affects nearly four million government workers, with exceptions for specific roles like law enforcement.

Historical Context

This decision is reminiscent of 2020’s attempt to ban TikTok from government devices, an initiative by former President Donald Trump that was later overruled in court. While this ban affects a minor segment of TikTok’s US audience, it might catalyze discussions for a broader prohibition.

Legislative Moves

US lawmakers, in December, proposed bipartisan legislation targeting TikTok, aiming to safeguard Americans from potential threats posed by foreign-influenced social media platforms, as highlighted by Senator Marco Rubio.

Canada’s Stance

Canada, too, has prohibited TikTok on government devices as of February 27. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged businesses and individuals to reconsider their data security in light of this ban.

TikTok’s Expansion and Measures

Such bans could impede TikTok’s global expansion plans, especially in the music domain where it has introduced platforms like SoundOn. There’s also speculation about the launch of a dedicated music streaming app, TikTok Music. To address security issues, TikTok has relocated US user data and initiated ‘Project Texas’ to ensure data protection and offer the US government platform oversight.

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