Kickstart Your Journey
Ideal for emerging artists looking to make an initial splash in the digital realm.

  • 3,000 - 7,000 guaranteed organic streams
  • Priority communication with a dedicated manager
  • Tailored promotion across 2 platforms of choice
  • Comprehensive post-campaign report


Epic Growth, Pro Results
Designed for established artists aiming for consistent growth and enhanced visibility

  • 35,000 - 55,000 guaranteed organic streams
  • Personalized strategy session with a StreamBoost expert
  • Promotion across 4 platforms of choice
  • Advanced analytics dashboard access
  • Priority placement in top-tier playlists

Boost Your Tracks Organically Across Top Platforms with StreamBoost

StreamBoost by Red Star Media is your gateway to the digital music universe. We proudly offer our unparalleled promotion services across a diverse range of platforms, ensuring your music resonates far and wide. Whether it's the vast landscapes of YouTube and Spotify, the vibrant communities of Instagram and SoundCloud, the dynamic world of TikTok, or the premium echelons of Apple Music, StreamBoost ensures your sound is heard, seen, and celebrated. Our holistic approach guarantees that no matter where your audience is, they'll experience the magic of your music

DSP Marketing for Music

The Ultimate DSP Marketing

What happens after I place an order for StreamBoost?

After you place an order with StreamBoost, a dedicated campaign manager will review your song and get in touch. We’ll then start the process of promoting your song. Depending on the package and the specific needs of your song, placements can take a few days to a week. We aim to find the best fit for your song, so we appreciate your patience.

Is StreamBoost a legitimate service?

Absolutely! At StreamBoost, we prioritize organic growth and strictly adhere to platform-specific terms of service. We never use bots or engage in practices that could jeopardize your artist reputation.

Can StreamBoost promote songs in any language?

While we have a broad network and can promote many genres and languages, there are certain niche genres or languages that might be challenging. If we feel we can’t effectively promote your song, we’ll let you know and process a refund.

How long does a StreamBoost campaign last?

The duration of a StreamBoost campaign varies based on the package you choose and the specific needs of your song. Typically, campaigns can last anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

How can I track the growth from my StreamBoost campaign?

You can monitor the growth and performance of your song through platform-specific artist dashboards, such as Spotify for Artists. These dashboards provide insights into streams, listener demographics, and more.

Why was my song removed from a playlist?

Songs can be rotated out of playlists for various reasons, including playlist updates, changes in listener preferences, or to make room for new tracks. We always aim to provide the best placements for the duration of your campaign.

What if I don't see the expected number of streams?

StreamBoost guarantees organic growth, but the exact number of streams can vary based on song quality, genre, and other factors. If you feel your song isn’t getting the traction it deserves, please reach out, and we’ll review your campaign.

Can StreamBoost target a specific audience or demographic?

While we aim to match your song with the most relevant audience, targeting specific demographics or regions can be challenging. However, our broad network of playlists and curators allows us to reach a diverse audience.

I want a larger campaign than the listed packages. Can StreamBoost accommodate?

Absolutely! If you’re looking for a campaign that exceeds our listed packages, please get in touch. We can discuss custom campaigns tailored to your needs.

Our Commitment to Authenticity

At Red Star Media, we're passionate about genuine connections. With StreamBoost, we pledge unparalleled transparency and integrity in every campaign. We target real listeners, ensuring your growth is organic, genuine, and sustainable. We stand firmly against bots, click farms, and any form of streaming manipulation. With StreamBoost, you're not just getting streams; you're building a genuine fanbase.