Red Star Media Presents: Music Marketing Commandments for 2023

As the music marketing landscape evolves, certain strategic vectors remain pivotal. In 2023, adapting to new social media algorithm rules is essential. While strategies may shift, keywords, content format, and growth by association persist as growth pillars. For those aiming for stardom, these commandments can pave the way to success:

1. Data is King

Over the past decade, data and metrics-based tools have surged in popularity. Analyzing data can optimize time, quality, budget allocation, and overall success. Even basic tools like Google Analytics can offer insights into competitors’ keywords and platform performance. Adaptation is crucial.

2. Prioritize Volume

Quantity often trumps perfection. Multiple posts with decent quality can outperform a single, meticulously crafted post. With algorithms favoring content volume, focusing on quantity can expand your reach beyond your fanbase.

3. Perfect Your Live Performance

The pandemic underscored the significance of live venues in music consumption. Live performances foster direct fan engagement and generate diverse digital content. Excellence on stage is paramount for achieving stardom and positive ROI.

4. Embrace Authenticity

With digital production blurring artist differentiation, raw talent stands out. While tools like auto-tuning can enhance music, originality remains key. By leveraging performance data and proximity marketing, artists can rise to prominence locally and beyond.

5. Engage Actively on Social Media

Social media’s essence is engagement. In 2023, active participation on various platforms, from commenting to initiating discussions, will be vital for visibility and brand image.

6. Videos and GIFs Take Center Stage

Photos, unless professionally shot, often fall flat. Videos offer authenticity and higher engagement. For those hesitant about videos, GIFs are a close second, but confidence on camera can be a game-changer.

7. Engage Directly with Fans

Every comment, positive or negative, deserves acknowledgment. Engaging with fans showcases genuine care and can influence algorithms positively in 2023.

8. Maintain Brand Cohesiveness

Consistent branding across platforms enhances recognition. Separate personal and artist pages and maintain a professional, branded presence on the latter.

9. Explore LinkedIn’s Potential

LinkedIn, the world’s largest B2B social platform, is a goldmine for professional connections. Potential collaborators and industry experts often reside here.

10. Leverage DIY Marketing Tools

DIY marketing tools, from Meta’s Creator Studio to Chartmetric, offer invaluable resources for artists. These tools can streamline processes and enhance brand strategy understanding.

While these commandments may evolve, the core principle remains: strategic content creation, whether online or live, is the cornerstone of success in the music industry.

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