Round Hill Music’s Expansion into the Canadian Music Landscape

In a landmark move, Round Hill Music LP has announced its acquisition of Linus Entertainment, a leading Canadian independent music entity. This strategic acquisition incorporates over 3,000 songs and a staggering 20,000 master recordings into Round Hill’s extensive collection.

Acquisition Highlights

The acquisition encompasses Linus Entertainment’s diverse music recording and publishing catalogs. This includes prominent labels such as Borealis Records, Mummy Dust Music Ltd, Solid Gold Records, and True North Records. Additionally, the deal signifies the purchase of the distribution entity, Independent Digital Licensing Agency Inc (IDLA).

Linus Entertainment’s Storied Journey

Initiated in 2000 by Geoff Kulawick, a former luminary at Virgin Records and Warner Chappell Publishing, Linus Entertainment has been a stalwart in the music domain. With rights to a myriad of popular recordings across genres, Linus represents iconic artists and their timeless music.

Round Hill Music’s Visionary Approach

Josh Gruss, the CEO of Round Hill Music LP, emphasized the acquisition’s significance, aligning with their vision of investing in and nurturing iconic music. The inclusion of Linus Entertainment’s vast repertoire marks a pivotal moment in Round Hill’s growth trajectory.

Reflecting on Linus Entertainment’s two-decade journey, Geoff Kulawick expressed confidence in Round Hill’s commitment to preserving and promoting the music legacy.

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